XenForo 2.1.7 Upgrade Nulled


BQT cấp cao
Có một số thay đổi trong phiên bản 2.1.7 này, bao gồm:
  • Ensure that some jobs do not attempt to complete or otherwise change state inside a transaction.
  • Ensure correct URL is used in the bookmark label filter when friendly URLs are not enabled.
  • Display correct username styling when viewing users linked to an IP.
  • In alerts and the news feed, ensure the "your post" link in the reaction item is clickable.
  • Ensure Gravatar rebuild job respects the options sent to it.
  • Prevent users from deleting their own accounts
  • Check for guest posts in post reaction items
  • Ensure login button when viewing a forum as a guest wraps properly.
  • Only try to hide the global action indicator if it's actually present.
  • Do not redirect back to the login page after a connected account request
  • Properly check for tag container inside tagger
  • Do not escape outbound email test subject phrase
  • Correctly handle add-ons created with incorrect casing when the namespace already exists.
  • Add additional wording to make it clear that the rejection reason will be shown to users awaiting approval.
  • Remove hard-coded height from payment inputs
  • Add missing phrase for 'could_not_find_subscriber_id_for_this_purchase_request'
  • Display PHP's memory_limit within server environment report.
  • Force choice builder to use temporary variable with set tags
  • Remove Google+ URL from the Google connected account template.
  • Allow disabling pointer events for nested tooltips
  • Remove unused parameter when fetching reaction phrase
  • Update promotion history interface for clarity
  • Fix post copier attachment regex
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